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WCM/U3 Topic 2 Overview of Systems and Tools

The hype of marketers -accompanied by the profusion of three letter acronyms (ironically, called TLAS by some) – has made it difficult for practicing executives to cut through the clutter […]

WCM/U3 Topic 1 The Integration Imperative

A contemporary view of the logistics function is that it deals with the management of material and information flows linking the organization’s suppliers and customers. This leads to the use […]

WCM/U2 Topic 15 TOPP System and Ambite System

TOPP is a new performance measurement system, which was developed by SINTEF in Norway in partnership with Norwegian Institute of Technology (NIH) and the Norwegian Federation Engineering Industries (TBL). TOPP […]

WCM/U2 Topic 4 Maskell’s Model of WCM

According to Maskell, World-Class manufacturing generally includes the, following: A new approach to product quality Just-in-time (JIT) production techniques Change in the way the workforce is managed; and A flexible […]