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Types of lease and their implications

Financial Lease: A lease is considered as a financial lease if the lessor intends to recover his capital outlay plus the required rate of return on funds during the period […]

Portfolio Analysis, Portfolio concept

A financial term Portfolio Analysis, is primarily the study of certain portfolio regarding its performance, ROI and associated risks. The study or analysis is conducted with two objectives viz minimizing […]

Evolution & Growth of Mutual Funds

The concept of mutual funds was invented in Europe in early 1770s. During a bleak economic situation, Adriaan Van Ketwich, a Dutch merchant created the world’s first mutual fund in […]

Role of Registrar in Mutual fund

It is mandatory for all the mutual fund houses to record all investor transactions regularly. Managing day-to-day investor transactions on a regular basis consume a lot of time of mutual […]

Refund & recovery

Customs Refunds On import or export of goods, at times, it is found that duty has been paid in excess of what was actually leviable on the goods. Such excess […]

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