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Marketing of Agricultural Produce

Agricultural marketing comprises all the activities involved in the supply of farm inputs and output including all those operations which are related to the procurement, collecting, grading, storing, food and […]

Rural Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is a method for achieving maximum market response from limited marketing resources by recognizing differences in the response characteristics of various parts of the market. It is one […]

Rural Marketing Strategies

Product: In simple terms, a product is anything that satisfies human want (customers) and includes product quality, features, benefits, design, style, colour, brand, services, and warranties. Product is something like […]

Rural demand Nature

The rural market is growing steadily over the years. Demand for traditional products, such as bicycles, agricultural inputs, FMCG Products etc. has also grown over the years. The growth has […]

The Rural Consumer Characteristics

The Affluent Group They are mostly cash rich farmers and are very few in number. They have affordable but do not form a demand base large enough for marketing firms […]

Types of requirements of Rural Demand

Rural marketing requires special promotion efforts, such as AVP van, demonstrations, and group meetings due to the unique characteristics of the market. The media and the methods have to be […]

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