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Roll out and System Hand-off Support

This is the final implementation phase The final phase is both a delicate and huge task. If anything goes wrong it could mean disaster. Normally, the process takes one or […]

Customer Touch Points

Customer touchpoints are any point of contact between a business and a customer, be it an email, call centre, via a company website, etc. Customer touchpoints are your brand’s points […]

4C’s (Elements) of CRM Process

Customer Experience: people love to talk about your service and your products. It is the key driver of consumer conversations. The basis of positive conversations about your company is very […]

CRM Affiliation in Retailing Sector

Customer relationship management in retail can increase customer satisfaction, reduce your costs and improve your company’s performance in the marketplace. CRM software manages your relationships with individual customers to create […]

CRM Process for Marketing Organization

CRM as an essential marketing tool In the same way that your sales and marketing teams are connected during the sales process, so should your sales and marketing software. Clever […]

Modules in CRM

Sales Most Businesses needs a new business to grow in the best way to achieve their goal. Sales module in a CRM plays an important role in growing business which […]

Managing Customer communications

Customer Communications Management (CCM) is software that enables companies to manage customer communications across a wide range of media. Originally, customer communications referred to printed documents, archived digital documents, email […]

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