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SDM/U2 Topic 6 Evaluating Sales Performance

Sales force performance Sales force performance Relation between sales force performance & overall performance of organizations Impact of effective sales force performance on the bottom-line Newer methods of sales force […]

SDM/U2 Topic 4 Sales Force Motivation

Sales is one of the toughest jobs out there simply because of the number of rejections involved to reach a sales target. You have to go against your better nature to […]

SDM/U2 Topic 1 Sales Force Job Description

How to write a Sales Representative job description Your job description is the first touch-point between your company and your new hire. With millions of people searching for jobs on […]

SDM/U2 Topic 3 Training Sales Personnel

Sales organizations have their own option over the variety of methods and tools of training used for the sales force, depending on its needs and resource constraints. These salesmen training methods may […]

SDM/U2 Topic 2 Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection of sales personnel Companies always need employees to help them in realising their goals and objectives as far as operations are concerned. It is the desire of every firm […]

SDM/U1 Topic 6 Sales Territory Design

Sales Territory is the customer demographic or the geographical area assigned for sales activity to either a salesperson or a sales team. In these cases, a sales manager generally assigns the […]

SDM/U1 Topic 4 Sales Organization Structure

Sales organization is a department in company within logistics that designs the company as per the sales requirements. Sales organization is held responsible for the sales and distribution of goods […]

MIB/U4 Topic 5 Distinction between TNC and MNC

International corporations have several categories depending on the business structure, investment and product/ service offerings. Transnational companies (TNC) and multinational companies (MNC) are two of a these categories. Both MNC […]