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CB/U2 Topic 7 Consumer Values and Lifestyles

Vals which is also known as values attitude and lifestyle is one of the primary ways to perform psychographic segmentation. All three terms are intangible in nature and therefore give an idea of the inert […]

CB/U2 Topic 4 Consumer Learning and Memory

According to Kotler’s Definition, learning involves changes in an individual’s behavior arising out of the experience. Most of the human behavior is learned over time, out of the experience. Following […]

CB/U2 Topic 3 Consumer Attention

Attention Attention always precedes perception. Attention is the central process and perception is not at all possible without attention. The process of attention serves the various functions in the organization […]

CB/U2 Topic 1 Consumer Motivation

Needs are the core of the marketing concept. The study of Motivation refers to all the processes that drives in a person to perceive a need and pursue a definite […]

CB/U1 Topic 6 Models of Consumer Behaviour

BLACK BOX MODEL The black box model shows the interaction of stimuli, consumer characteristics, decision process and consumer responses. It can be distinguished between interpersonal stimuli (between people) or intrapersonal […]

CB/U1 Topic 5 Role of Consumer Involvement

It is an inner urge that creates within an individual an interest/desire to hold certain product/service offerings in greater relevance/importance. 2. Involvement possesses certain properties: a) It has a level […]

CB/U1 Topic 4 Types of Buying Behaviour

Consumers are becoming smarter day by day; it is not to fool them with any gimmick. Nowadays, consumer does his/her homework very well before making any purchase in the market. […]

CB/U1 Topic 3 Buying Decision Process

Consumer buying behavior is the study of an individual or a household that purchases products for personal consumption. The process of buying behavior is shown in the following figure Stages […]