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BC/U1 Topic 6 Effective Listening

Listening is the key to great relationships and good understanding. It’s important in today’s society, with all of our high-tech communication capabilities, to tune in and really listen to one […]

BC/U1 Topic 4 7C’s Concept

Completeness –The communication must be complete. It should convey all facts required by the audience. The sender of the message must take into consideration the receiver’s mind set and convey […]

BC/U1 Topic 2 Process of Communication

The main components of communication process are as follows:- Context – Communication is affected by the context in which it takes place. This context may be physical, social, chronological or […]

EC/U3 Topic 7 Electronics Commerce Security Environment

E-COMMERCE SECURITY ENVIRONMENT E-commerce embodies several business transactions over utilizing electronic systems. E-commerce website involves internal network which might interface with World Wide Web. E-commerce introduced external as well as […]

EC/U3 Topic 5 Electronic Fund Transfer

ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the electronic transfer of money from one bank account to another, either within a single financial institution or across multiple institutions, via […]