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Job description and Job Specification

Job Analysis is a primary tool to collect job-related data. The process results in collecting and recording two data sets including job description and job specification. Any job vacancy cannot […]

Duality in Labor Market

The dual labour market (also referred to as the segmented labour market) theory aims at introducing a broader range of factors into economic research, such as institutional aspects, race and […]

Discrimination in Labor Market

Discrimination can manifest itself in all aspects of life. It may be evident in the type and location of housing available to certain groups, in their access to quality education […]

EVA Reward Management in TNC’s

EVA® (Economic Value Added) was developed by a New York Consulting firm, Stern Steward & Co in 1982 to promote value-maximizing behaviour in corporate managers (O’Hanlon. J & Peasnell. K, […]

Evolution of modern day labor force

Employability is the life-long, continuous process of acquiring experience, new knowledge (purposeful learning) and skills that contribute to improving one’s marketability for enhancing their potential to obtain and maintain employment through various shifts in the labor […]

Wage Theories

The workers are paid wages or salaries for the work done by them. Thus, the return to the workers should be according to their efforts and the pay standards prevailing […]

Intrinsic rewards, Cafeteria Compensation Style

Intrinsic rewards Intrinsic rewards are the non-physical rewards. They cannot be seen or touched but are emotionally connected with the employees. In other words, intrinsic rewards can be defined as […]

Foundations of compensation Management

A good compensation is a must for every business organization, as it gives an employee a reason to stick to the company. An organization gains from a structured compensation management […]

Defined, Goals of Compensation System

Compensation includes payments like bonuses, profit sharing, overtime pay, recognition rewards and sales commission, etc. Compensation can also include non-monetary perks like a company-paid car, company-paid housing and stock opportunities. Compensation is […]

Co-partnership- Stock option: ESOP

Co-partnership A partnership or association between two equals, esp in a business enterprise. A form of industrial democracy in which the employees of an organization are partners in the company […]

Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits are a type of compensation provided to an employee outside of his normal wage or salary. Many years ago, employers began to understand that potential employees give great […]