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GGSIPU (BBA201) Business Laws

UNIT 1 The Indian Contract Act 1872: General Principal of Law of Contract 1 Contract – Meaning, Characteristics and kinds VIEW Essentials of Valid Contract: 2 offer and Acceptance 3 […]

SAIM/U4 Topic 1 Portfolio Selection

The objective of every rational investor is to maximize his returns and minimize the risk. Diversification is the method adopted for reducing risk. It essentially results in the construction of […]

SAIM/U4 Topic 7 Portfolio Revision

A combination of various investment products like bonds, shares, securities, mutual funds and so on is called a portfolio. In the current scenario, individuals hire well trained and experienced portfolio […]

SAIM/U3 Topic 1 Security Analysis, Fundamental Analysis

Assets with some financial value are called securities. Characteristics of Securities Securities are tradable and represent a financial value. Securities are fungible. Classification of Securities Debt Securities: Tradable assets which have […]