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SAIM/U3 Topic 3 Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a trading discipline employed to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activity, such as price movement and volume. Unlike fundamental […]

SAIM/U3 Topic 5 Patterns of Charts

Like it or not, charts serve as an important tool for online traders and play a key role in technical analysis. You may generally look at graphs and numbers and feel […]

SAIM/U3 Topic 6 Mathematical Indicators

Indicators are statistics used to measure current conditions as well as to forecast financial or economic trends. BREAKING DOWN Indicator Indicators can be broadly categorized into economic indicators and technical […]

SAIM/U2 Topic 3 Project Beta, Portfolio Beta

Project Beta For simplicity throughout previous chapters we have used a general beta factor (b) applicable to the overall systemic risk of portfolios, securities and projects. But now our analysis is becoming more focused, precise notation […]

SAIM/U2 Topic 5 Securities Market Line

Security market line (SML) is the graphical representation of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). SML gives the expected return of the market at different levels of systematic or market […]

SAIM/U2 Topic 6 Capital Market Line

The capital market line (CML) represents portfolios that optimally combine risk and return. Capital asset pricing model (CAPM), depicts the trade-off between risk and return for efficient portfolios. It is […]

SAIM/U1 Topic 2 Investment Decision Process

Investment Process: Step # 1. Investment Policy: The first stage determines and involves personal financial affairs and objectives before making investments. It may also be called preparation of the investment policy […]

SAIM/U1 Topic 3 Investment Alternatives

EQUITY SHARES Equity investments represent ownership in a running company. By ownership, we mean share in the profits and assets of the company but generally, there are no fixed returns. It […]