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BS/U1 Topic 4 Role of Tabulation

The principal objectives of tabulation are stated below: (i) To make complex data simple: When data are arranged systematically in a table, such data become more meaningful and can be […]

OB/U4 Topic 1 Organizational Process

Organizing, like planning, must be a carefully worked out and applied process. This process involves determining what work is needed to accomplish the goal, assigning those tasks to individuals, and […]

OB/U4 Topic 2 Organizational Structure and Design

In the past, organizations were commonly structured as bureaucracies. A bureaucracy is a form of organization based on logic, order, and the legitimate use of formal authority. Bureaucracies are meant to be […]

OB/U4 Topic 3 Organizational Culture

Organizational culture can be defined as the group norms, values, beliefs and assumptions practiced in an organization. It brings stability and control within the firm. The organization is more stable […]

OB/U4 Topic 4 Organizational Change

Organizational change can be defined as the alteration in structure, technology or people in an organization or behavior by an organization. Here we need to note that change in organizational […]

OB/U4 Topic 5 Development and Stress Management

Organizational Development is a field of research, theory, as well as practice devoted to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of how people accomplish successful organizational change and performance. Organizational development […]

OB/U3 Topic 2 Team Process

Team process is a term that reflects the different types of activities and interactions that occur within teams and contribute to their ultimate end goals. Process gain is getting more […]

OB/U3 Topic 3 Interpersonal Communication

Inter-personal communication is a type of communication occurring within the mind of a person. On average half or more of the working time of an organisation is spent in inter-personal […]

OB/U3 Topic 4 Group Dynamics

People may underestimate the importance of society and group memberships on their lives. Whilst people sometimes undertake solo journeys yet by and large much of our experiences of life involves […]

OB/U3 Topic 5 Teams and Teamwork

When individuals with a common interest, goal, attitude, need and perception come together, a team is formed. Individuals need to come and work together to form a team for the […]

OB/U3 Topic 6 Conflict and Negotiation in Workplace

Conflict and negotiation are significant components to operate business. Business possessors may have conflict with many groups like partners, managers, employees and the general public. Negotiation is often essential to […]