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CSR/U1 Topic 5 Ethical Decision Making

A Framework for Ethical Decision Making Recognize an Ethical Issue Could this decision or situation be damaging to someone or to some group? Does this decision involve a choice between […]

CSR/U1 Topic 4 School of Ethics

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that, at its core, seeks to understand and to determine how human actions can be judged as right or wrong. We may make ethical […]

CSR/U1 Topic 3 Business Ethics

Ethics is a subject of social science that is related with moral principles and social values. ‘Business Ethics’ can be termed as a study of proper business policies and practices […]

SM/U1 Topic 3 External Environment Analysis

External environment analysis is an important part of strategic management. PESTEL Analysis PESTEL analysis includes Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal analysis. It is an external environment analysis for […]

SM/U1 Topic 1 Concept of Strategy

 Strategic management is the process in which an organization develops and implements plans that espouse the goals and objectives of that organization. The process of strategic management is a continuous […]

BIA/U1 Topic 3 Expert Systems

What are Expert Systems? The expert systems are the computer applications developed to solve complex problems in a particular domain, at the level of extra-ordinary human intelligence and expertise. Characteristics […]

BIA/U1 Topic 1 Decision Support Systems

A decision support system (DSS) is a computerized information system used to support decision-making in an organization or a business. A DSS lets users sift through and analyze massive reams […]

HRM/U2 Topic 4 Job Analysis

Job Analysis is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job. Job Analysis […]

MTIC/U2 Topic 7 Role of Leadership

Having and practicing a change management mentality are two different things.  Lots of leaders want change, but only a select few actually help make it happen. Adopting the Change Management […]

MTIC/U2 Topic 6 Innovative Firms

No single innovation tool or method will deliver consistent, profitable breakthroughs, and neither will a hodgepodge of misaligned or poorly integrated practices. It takes a systematic approach to build a […]