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Brand Assets and Liabilities

Distinctiveness has nothing to do with how a product functions or its selling propositions – it’s the elements of a brand that make it recognizable and different. When unique elements […]

Strategic Brand Management Process

The process of strategic brand management basically involves 4 steps: 1. Identifying and establishing brand positioning. Brand Positioning is defined as the act of designing the company’s offer and image […]

Naming and Importance of Brands

Naming of Brands A great name can play an important role for a brand. While the brand name isn’t a substitute for the reputation that comes with a good product […]

Media Buying

Media buy is the purchase of advertising from a media company such as a television station, newspaper, magazine, blog or website. It also entails the negotiation for price and placement […]

Advertising Budget

An advertising budget is the amount a company set aside for its promotional activities. Advertising budget is used by a company for marketing the products and services to the customers. Advertising […]

DAGMAR and other Models

The DAGMAR approach of advertising was devised by Mr Russell Colley who was much appreciated for his work, as till date, DAGMAR is a concept used in advertising to set […]

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