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Employee Referrals

Employee referral has become one of the favorite and most productive methods for finding talent. Employee referral program is your best bet for improving the most important hiring metrics such […]

Retrenchment, Online Recruitment

Retrenchment Retrenchment is a term used to describe when a business decides to significantly cut or scale-back its activities. Retrenchment might occur when one or more of the following happen to […]

Performance Management

The role of HR in the present scenario has undergone a sea change and its focus is on evolving such functional strategies which enable successful implementation of the major corporate […]

Recruitment and Retention

The problem of retention begins with recruitment! In most of the organizations the recruitment function operates independently of the retention department. HR people have so far been naïve to the […]

Training and Development

At the enterprise level, employee training and development are main areas of human resource development. The efficiency of an organisation depends directly on the capability and talent of its personnel, and how […]

Swaps: Concept Characteristics and Types

In finance, a SWAP is a derivative in which two counterparties agree to exchange one stream of cash flow against another stream. These streams are called the legs of the swap. Conventionally […]

Exotic Option

In finance, an exotic option is an option which has features making it more complex than commonly traded vanilla options. Like the more general exotic derivatives they may have several […]

The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model

The Option Pricing Model is a formula that is used to determine a fair price for a call or put option based on factors such as underlying stock volatility, days to expiration, […]

Option on Futures, Interest Rate Options

Option on Futures Options on Futures. This is an option contract based on a single futures contract. The buyer has the right (but not the obligation) to take on a particular futures position […]