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ABM/U3 Topic 10 Brand Image dimensions

Brand identity is composed of various shares that trigger particular responses in consumers in addition to filling the afore-mentioned functions. These shares build on one another; the more shares a […]

ABM/U3 Topic 5 Brand Assets and Liabilities

Distinctiveness has nothing to do with how a product functions or its selling propositions – it’s the elements of a brand that make it recognizable and different. When unique elements […]

ABM/U2 Topic 4 Media Buying

Media buy is the purchase of advertising from a media company such as a television station, newspaper, magazine, blog or website. It also entails the negotiation for price and placement […]

ABM/U2 Topic 1 Setting Media Objectives

How is a media plan developed? Media planning is a four-step process which consists of 1) Setting media objectives in light of marketing and advertising objectives, 2) Developing a media strategy […]

ABM/U1 Topic 6 Advertising Budget

An advertising budget is the amount a company set aside for its promotional activities. Advertising budget is used by a company for marketing the products and services to the customers. Advertising […]

ABM/U1 Topic 3 DAGMAR and other Models

The DAGMAR approach of advertising was devised by Mr Russell Colley who was much appreciated for his work, as till date, DAGMAR is a concept used in advertising to set […]

ABM/U1 Topic 2 Setting Advertisement Objectives

Before carrying out specific advertising strategies and implementing advertising campaigns, objectives must be set. Without clearly defining the aims of advertising, it will be hard to attain effective advertising. We […]