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Tag: RMBIT05 System Analysis & Design

Self Designing Organizations, Learning Organization

Self-Designing Organizations: Self-Designing Organizations Self-designing organizations have the built-in capacity to transform themselves to achieve high performance in today’s competitive and changing environment. Self-design change strategy involves an ongoing series […]

TQM and Quality Circle, Culture Change

Basic Principles of TQM In TQM, the processes and initiatives that produce products or services are thoroughly managed. By this way of managing, process variations are minimized, so the end […]

Job Enrichment

Job Enrichment, a  job design technique that varies the concept of job enlargement. Job enrichment adds new sources of job satisfaction by increasing the level of responsibility of the employee in organization. […]

Restructuring Organization, Socio-Technical Systems

Restructuring Organization A business organization makes changes in personnel and departments and can change how workers and departments report to one another to meet market conditions. Some companies shift organizational […]

GGSIPU (MS230) Organizational Development

  UNIT 1 Introduction [Book Link]   1 Nature and characteristics of Organizational Development VIEW 2 Organizational Development as a Profession and evolving field of Practice VIEW 3 Managing the […]

GGSIPU (MS212) Retail Management

  UNIT 1 Introduction To Retailing [Book Link]   1 Definition, Scope and Importance of Retailing VIEW 2 Retail Formats VIEW 3 Theories of Retail Development VIEW 4 Global and […]

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