Knowledge Management Technologies

Knowledge Management Technologies are information technologies that can be used to facilitate knowledge management. Knowledge Management Technologies are intrinsically no different from information technologies, but they can focus on knowledge management rather than information processing.

Knowledge Management Technologies also support knowledge management systems and benefit from the knowledge management infrastructure, especially the information technology infrastructure. KM technologies constitute a key component of KM systems.

Technologies that support KM include artificial intelligence (AI) technologies including those used for knowledge acquisition and case-based reasoning systems, electronic discussion groups, computer-based simulations, databases, decision support systems, enterprise resource planning systems, expert systems, management information systems, expertise locator systems, videoconferencing, and information repositories including best practices databases and lessons learned systems. KM technologies also include the emergent Web 2.0 technologies, such as wikis and blog (Becerra-Fernandez and Sabherwal, 2010).

Knowledge Management Mechanisms and Technologies work together and affect each other. You can follow the following video-clips to learn more about how information technology influence knowledge management

There are four main knowledge management processes, and each process comprises two sub-processes:

  • Knowledge discovery
    • Combination
    • Socialization
  • Knowledge capture
    • Externalization
    • Internalization
  • Knowledge sharing
    • Socialization
    • Exchange
  • Knowledge application
    • Direction
    • Routines

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