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Tag: Strategic Management

VRIO Framework

VRIO Analysis is an analytical technique briliant for the evaluation of company’s resources and thus the competitive advantage. VRIO is an acronym from the initials of the names of the […]

Resource Based View (RBW) Analysis

The resource-based view (RBV) is a model that sees resources as key to superior firm performance. If a resource exhibits VRIO attributes, the resource enables the firm to gain and […]

The Internal Environment

The internal environment consists mainly of the organization’s owners, the board of directors, employees and culture. 1. Owners Owners are people who invested in the company and have property rights […]

Internal Appraisal

The strategic analysis of the firm we consider the objective conditions which exist within the organization. The assessment of the internal position is of importance in evaluating the enterprise’s capabilities […]

Environmental Scanning: Factors Considered, Approaches

Organizational environment consists of both external and internal factors. Environment must be scanned so as to determine development and forecasts of factors that will influence organizational success. Environmental scanning refers to […]

Projects and Procedural issues in Strategy implementation

Following the procedures laid down for implementation constitutes an important component of strategy implementation in the Indian context : Licensing Procedure Foreign Collaboration Procedure FERA Requirements MRTP Requirements Capital Issue […]

Integration of functional plans

Some of the functional activities or plans may be enterprise specific, such as production and marketing plans. Other functional plans may apply to the whole-farm, such as income tax management. […]

Values, Ethics and Social Responsibility

Values Important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable. Values have major influence on a […]

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