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Career Planning, MBO

Career Management and Career Planning Effective HRM encompasses career planning, career development and succession planning. An organization without career planning and career development initiatives is likely to encounter the highest […]

Performance Management Systems

The role of HR in the present scenario has undergone a sea change and its focus is on evolving such functional strategies which enable successful implementation of the major corporate […]

Employee Empowerment

What motivates people to work? Money may be the primary reason, but beyond a certain limit it fails to. Organizations have been trying out different things to increase the level […]

System 4 Management, Role Playing

Rensis Likert and his associates studied the patterns and styles of managers for three decades at the University of Michigan, USA, and identified a four-fold model of management systems. The […]

Grid OD

Training is an outgrowth of the managerial grid approach to leadership (Blacke and Mouton, 1978). It is an instrumental approach to laboratory training. Sensitivity training is supplemented with self-administered instruments […]

Team Building, Organization Confrontation Meeting

Getting Started: Identifying Your Team’s Needs The first and most important step when planning team building activities is to identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Start by asking the following […]

Designing Interventions, Characteristics and Process

An organization development intervention is a sequence of activities, actions, and events intended to help an organization improve its performance and effectiveness. Intervention design, or action planning, derives from careful […]

Data Collection Process

Organization development is vitally dependent on organization diagnosis: the process of collecting information that will be shared with the client in jointly assessing how the organization is functioning and determining […]

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