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PPC/U4 Topic 2 Types of Waste

Liquid Waste Liquid waste is commonly found both in households as well as in industries. This waste includes dirty water, organic liquids, wash water, waste detergents and even rainwater. You […]

FMI/U2 Topic 1 Money Markets – Function

The money market is an organized exchange market where participants can lend and borrow short-term, high-quality debt securities with average maturities of one year or less. The market enables governments, […]

TD/U4 Topic 7 Career Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of developing talent to replace executive, leadership or other key employees when they transition to another role, leave the company, are fired, retire or die. […]

TD/U4 Topic 3 Types of MDP’S/EDP’S

Management Development Programme (MDP) Programme dedicated to the latest techniques and trends in the core areas of management and finance. It has been developed taking into consideration the new challenges […]