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Types of Waste

Liquid Waste Liquid waste is commonly found both in households as well as in industries. This waste includes dirty water, organic liquids, wash water, waste detergents and even rainwater. You […]

Tax Efficient Compensation Package

It is generally observed that in the first quarter of a new financial year (FY) many employers decide the salary of their employees for the upcoming financial year basis the […]

Companies Act 2013: Types of Company

Type of companies Companies can be classified on the basis of ; A. Incorporation B. Liability of members C. Number of members D. Ownership A. Incorporation Chartered company Statutory company […]

Development of corporate bond market abroad

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced several measures to develop and deepen the corporate bond market, ending a decade-long wait for a big-ticket regulatory push that will encourage […]

Money Markets: Function

The money market is an organized exchange market where participants can lend and borrow short-term, high-quality debt securities with average maturities of one year or less. The market enables governments, […]

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)

The nationalization of the banks in 1969 boosted the confidence of the public in the Banking system of the country. However, in the early 1970s, there was a feeling that […]

Non-Banking financial companies (NBFCs)

A Non – Banking Financial Corporation is a company incorporated under the Companies Act 2013 or 1956 which is engaged in the business of Loans and Advances, Acquisition of stocks, […]

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