Diagnostic Information Feedback, Survey Feedback

Diagnostic Relationship encourages an OD Practitioner to ask the following questions.

a). Who am I?

b). Why am I here?

c). Who do I work for?

d). What do I want from You, & Why?

e). How will I Protect Your Confidentiality?

f). Who will have access to the Data?

g). What’s in it for You?

h). Can I be Trusted?

Methods for Data Collection are listed below:

  • Questionnaires ( Designed in a manner where they depict the intended question to the respondent).
  • Interviews ( Interviewer must ask specifically revelant questions to obtain best quality data ).
  • Observations (Ex: Statistical Observation).
  • Unobstrusive Measures ( Secondary Data, Historical Data and etc.)

Sampling and Population are terms which are commonly used and have a significance when conducting a research.

Population: The “population” in statistics includes all members of a defined group that we are studying or.

collecting information on for data driven decisions.

Sampe : A Sample is a Part of a Population which represents characteristics of an entire population.

A Few Issues in Sampling are : Sample Size and Sample Selection.

Techniques that we use for Analysing Data are listed Below:

Qualitative Tools : Content Analysis, Force Field Analysis.

Quantitative Tools : Means, Standard Deviations , Scattergrams, Difference Tests.

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