Nature and Scope of International Business

International Business is the process of focusing on the resources of the globe and objectives of the organizations on global business opportunities and threats.

International business defined as global trade of goods/services or investment. More comprehensive view does not focus on the “firm” but on the exchange process
Free Trade occurs when a government does not attempt to influence, through quotas or duties, what its citizens can buy from another country or what they can produce and sell to another country.

The Benefits of Trade allow a country to specialize in the manufacture and export of products that can be produced most efficiently in that country. The Pattern of International Trade displays patterns that are easy to understand (Saudi Arabia/oil or Mexico/labor intensive goods). Others are not so easy to understand (Japan and cars).

Nature of International Business

1. Accurate Information
2. Information not only accurate but should be timely
3. The size of the international business should be large
4. Market segmentation based on geographic segmentation
5. International markets have more potential than domestic markets

Scope of International Business

1. International Marketing
2. International Finance and Investments
3. Global HR
4. Foreign Exchange

Need for International Business

1. To achieve higher rate of profits
2. Expanding the production capacity beyond the demand of the domestic country
3. Severe competition in the home country
4. Limited home market
5. Political conditions
6. Availability of technology and managerial competence
7. Cost of manpower, transportation
8. Nearness to raw material
9. Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG)
10. To increase the market share
11. Increase in cross border business is due to falling trade barriers (WTO), decreasing costs in telecommunications and transportation; and freer capital markets

Reasons for Recent International Business Growth

1. Expansion of technology
2. Business is becoming more global because
3. Transportation is quicker
4. Communications enable control from afar
5. Transportation and communications costs are more conducive for international operations
6. Liberalization of cross-border movements.
7. Lower Governmental barriers to the movement of goods, services, and resources enable Companies to take better advantage of international opportunities

Problems in International Business
1. Political factors
2. High foreign investments and high cost
3. Exchange instability
4. Entry requirement
5. Tariffs, quota etc.
6. Corruption and bureaucracy
7. Technological policy

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