Competition Commission of India: Composition, Duties, Power and Function

Composition of Competition Commission of India (CCI):

The CCI comprises of a Chairperson and six Members, who are appointed by the Government of India. The Commission is manned by the following members

  • Chairperson
  • Member1
  • Member2
  • Member3
  • Member4

The term of office of all the members of CCI is 5 years or till the attainment of age pf 65 years(whichever is early). The members are eligible for re-appointment.

The Chairperson and other members of CCI cannot hold any further employment for a period of two years from the date they cease to hold office in the Commission. But this restriction does not applies to any employment in the Union and State Government authority.

Objectives of Competition Commission of India CCI:

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has been entrusted with the following task –

  • To promote and then sustain an enabling competition culture through engagement and enforcement which would inspire businesses to be fair, competitive and innovative.
  • To enhance the consumer welfare
  • To support economic growth.
  • The Competition Commission of India aims to establish a robust competitive environment through proactive engagement with all the stakeholders including the consumers, industry, government as well as international jurisdictions.

Functions of Competition Commission of India (CCI):

  • It is the duty of the CCI to eliminate such practices that have adverse effect on competition.
  • It is mandated to promote and sustain competition while protecting the interests of consumers.
  • CCI ensures freedom of trade in the Indian market.
  • The Commission also gives opinion on competition issues when asked by a statutory authority which is established under law.
  • It is also required to undertake competition advocacy.
  • The CCI also creates public awareness and imparts training on competition issues.
  • Additionally, an appellate body called ‘Competition Appellate Tribunal‘ was also set up based on the Amendment Act of 2009, which allows for final appeal to Supreme Court of India.
  • CCI is therefore, fully empowered to carry out the mandated functions.

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