Synergy in Teams

Diversity + Creativity + Focus = Team Synergy

Diversity: Coming from a different geography, educational background, and having been exposed to a distinctive set of life-experiences, affords each team member with a unique perspective to dealing with a situation. It is when these uniquely diverse experiences merge in the co-creative environment of a team, that the magic happens. Sharing their diverse perspectives, not only provides team members with a more nuanced analysis of a situation; it also allows them to expand on each others’ ideas to create something entirely new.

Creativity: Talent and creativity are two wholly different things. Unfortunately, the similarity of these two terms holds many people apart from their inherent creativity. When we perceive every thought we have and every action we take as creative, we realize that creativity is not a gift of the few, but an intrinsic quality of every single one of us. The key to unleashing team creativity is to, firstly, release our limiting beliefs and perceptions of what creativity should be like, and secondly, to establish a safe and encouraging environment for team members to test-drive their ideas, make mistakes, and think out of the box.

Focus: The metaphysical Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” This implies that the longer we focus our consciousness on a particular idea, the more that idea expands. In fact, Abraham-Hicks go on to suggest that “genius is just attention to something specific,” implying that by deliberately focusing our attention on a topic, we create a powerful momentum of attraction of people, knowledge and information, which allows us to evolve in its direction. With a focused attention on the task at hand, diversity and creativity can best be utilized to create a co-creative environment that breeds team synergy, and gives rise to innovative ideas for success.

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