Characteristics of Logistics Information and Telecommunications Systems

The application and development of Information and Communication

Technologies (ICT) have already had significant effects on many industries, especially in the field of logistics. Because of it, the style of business operation, up/downstream partnership and customer relationship are changing. The application of computers, internet, and information communication systems can be seen in almost every activity in the logistics industry, such as transportation, warehousing, order processing, material management, and procurement.

The function of LIS can be defined as “Logistics Information System is an interacting structure of people, equipment, and procedures which together make relevant information available to the logistics managers for the purposes of planning, implementation, and control”.

Information and Communication Technology has been promoted as a means to enhance logistics competitiveness. It is one of the few factors which have been proved to have the capability of increasing logistics competence and decreasing its costs simultaneously. The application of ICT in logistics management is relatively recent, it lets real-time/online information communication and data exchange through the entire operation chains become realistic speaking of time and cost.

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