India Readiness for E-Commerce

After demonetization in India, there is a rapid growth in use us of e-commerce. This sector was present in India from two decades ago but the boot comes after demonetization. No doubt it is a growing sector but there is some question still rising i.e. is India is ready for E-commerce? Govt. of India planning to restrict cash transaction in limited amount but is everyone is ready for that or we need to think for this again.

India is not ready for E-commerce

  • The backbone of Indian economy has come from village areas and these areas are not aware of e-commerce and online transaction.
  • Some areas of India is not connected to the internet and most of the area is suffering from slow internet speed in this situation the only e-commerce will be a problem.
  • E-commerce sector is not very reliable we cannot trust online shopping store completely, some of them are reliable but there are many cases where peoples are cheated online.
  • Cyber security of India is not advance there a chance that with an increase of E-transaction, cyber-attack will be increased.
  • There are a number of people who are not well in using digital apps and computers first we have to start the campaign to improve people’s understanding of computers.

India is ready for E-commerce

  • There is a rapid increase in online transaction and E-commerce which indicates the awareness among peoples this is the time to push peoples towards e-commerce.
  • Online transaction is traceable govt. can identify and can keep a record of the transaction which will reduce corruption in India.
  • Online transaction can reduce the cost of paper currency which will save a lot of money and paper. E-commerce will also reduce problems of fake currency.
  • E-commerce is safe and protected there are various protection and firewalls present in each layer and due to its traceability refund is possible.
  • The world is moving toward the e-commerce and India have to take some step to push peoples toward e-commerce.


There are some issue and lack of knowledge in peoples but the increasing use of E-commerce show that peoples are learning e-commerce. There are various benefits of e-commerce which can help to develop our national economy. Accepting new thing may be hard initially but it has long-term benefits.

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