Multimedia Approach to Information Processing

The multimedia approach empowers the student to speak to data utilizing a few unique media. It can stimulate the interest of the student and give them striking impressions. Multimedia can consider diverse learning styles – some students learn by translating the content, while others require more graphical portrayals.

Can build up an inspirational state of mind among the students towards the educating learning process. Multimedia Approach considers self-pacing, the system of simulation can be successfully connected through the interactive media approach.

Aides being developed of higher order thinking abilities. The interactive media approach gives the student the adaptability of ‘anyplace’, ‘whenever’ learning.

Aides in creating groups and relational abilities. Viable remediation projects can be executed through the media approach. The multimedia approach can connect dialect hindrances since the sound isn’t the main methods for communication.

The word multimedia is made up of the two Latin words “multi” which means many and “media” which is the substance through which something is transmitted. In this case multi is the multiple data types such as voice, video, image, animation, text etc. and media is the computer environment used to transmit the information made up of this multiple data types. Multimedia data imposes new requirements to the computer networks due to the large volumes involved. In addition to huge Volumes the way we look at multimedia information is also different.

A multimedia information system aims at integrating the various tools needed for the acquisition, management, processing and dissemination of multimedia information related to environment

Provides to the systems designers a `generic information system’ in form of a toolbox to be used to implement their own information system

The variety of media types is an important feature of modern information systems. In order to deal with the variety, integration is a critical concern. Therefore,

Multimedia Information System (MIS) is then one which allows end-users to share, communicate and process a variety of forms of information in an integrated manner

MIS is attempting to solve the problems of information management by integrating the various forms of media into the computer/communications infrastructure

Benefits of achieving this level of integration:

  • The computer can help in the task of managing and processing the information;
  • Information users only have to deal with one integrated environment rather than a number of separate information systems.


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