Interactive Advertising

Interactive advertising refers to promotional techniques that include an element of feedback from those to whom the advertisements are directed. This feedback gives the advertiser analytical data that can be used to improve the advertising methods being employed. Interactive advertising is usually used to refer to online advertising, but can also be applied to offline advertising methods such as consumer surveys.

Although interactive advertising in now generally considered common sence, it was a groundbreaking idea when Internet analytics first started being used with any rigor. By tweaking ad approaches, colors and content, and soliciting feedback from the target segments, advertisers have given potential customers the opportunity to interact with companies and their advertising, rather than simply being pitched to. Of course, this overt feedback is usually given less weight than the analytical data that tracks how changes in an ad affect its performance. 

Interactive advertising goes beyond simple banners and clickthroughs, using social media, branded polls and games, and many other approaches to engage the target audience.

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