Limitations of Operations Research

  1. These do not take into account qualitative and emotional factors.
  2. These are applicable to only specific categories of decision-making problems.
  3. These are required to be interpreted correctly.
  4. Due to conventional thinking, changes face lot of resistance from workers and some­times even from employer.
  5. Models are only idealised representation of reality and not be regarded as absolute.

Costly: Operations Research (OR) is very costly. This is because OR makes mathematical models for taking decisions and solving problems. The company has to make various models for solving different problems. All this increments the cost.

Not Realistic: OR experts make very complex models for solving problems. These models may not be realistic. Hence, they may not be useful for real-life situations.

Complex: OR is very complex concept. It is very difficult for an average manager to understand it. Therefore, most managers do not use OR techniques.

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