Advertising Research

Advertising research is a detailed study on a particular subject, which leads to a successful and effective campaign. Advertising research also decides the success of an advertising campaign by measuring the impact over its audience. The purpose of advertising research is to either establish a brand image or to improve one. Research also helps in arriving at a creative idea. A creative advertisement is one that engages the target audience. And what helps in developing advertisement creative is the advertising research that takes place before its creation. Before entering the markets, the idea may go through many iterations and improvements until it’s ready for the market.

Importance of Advertising Research

One should conduct a full- fledged advertising research as it helps in

  • Developing creativity: when all the information is accessible, a well- formed strategy could be designed to develop the organization further.
  • Improves your position in the field: Advertising research enables a company to find a suitable time and ways to launch their products.
  • Rank your image: Advertising research enables comparisons between organizations. So it helps a company to know its place in the market compared to others.
  • Predicts likely issues: Advertising research predicts forthcoming problems that an organization might face.
  • Monitors progress: It analyzes your organization’s performance.
  • Less chances of failures: There is reduced risk of failures if the advertising research is thorough.

Scope of Advertising Research

  • Increases awareness: Advertising research increases the knowledge about the market, which helps in building a brand campaign.
  • Analyzes changing market: Knowing your customer is very important for any business. A customer’s attitude is subject to change with the change in market conditions. Advertising research analyzes these changing attitudes of your customers.
  • Public feedback: Advertising research records the feedback of your audience.
  • Results: Final campaigns that are created are based on the results of the research.

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