Culmination of World Class Manufacturing

The philosophy and practices of World-Class manufacturing create an enterprise that works in tandem with its suppliers to provide a World-Class response to the voice of the customer. Two key processes are focused on:

  • The order fulfillment process, and
  • The new product development process.

These processes strengthen the demand creation process. The managers of the demand creation process leverage the strengths of these two processes and, in turn, and work towards supporting their continuous evolution. This results in the Wor1d~Class manufacturing network shown in

Figure 3.10. In this network, the enterprise of Figure 2.1 is shown in relation to other players in the supply chain. The enterprise interacts with its suppliers and complementers (e.g. companies that provide finance to the customers) to deliver value to customers and sustain its competitive edge in the market.


Fig. 3.10: A World Class Manufacturing Network

The key to survival and growth remains the demand creation process. The difference in a World-

Class manufacturing network is that the new product development and order fulfillment processes have a mutually strengthening effect. These processes encompass the suppliers and complementers of the enterprise to create a responsive supply chain.

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