Dynamics of Maintenance Organization/ Departments

The organisation structures for maintenance vary from company to company depending upon nature of the enterprise/plant i.e. whether electrical, mechanical or chemical; size of the plant and the scope of activities to be performed. A typical organization chart for maintenance for a medium size enterprise is shown in Fig. 34.2.

As shown in Fig 34.2 the maintenance department is headed by plant engineer. Other titles include maintenance superintendent and different foremen responsible for various types of maintenance jobs.

An important feature of the organization structure for maintenance is the presence of skilled people i.e., crafts men, mechanics, plumbers, painters, welders, pipe fitters, electricians, motor mechanics, machinists and helpers etc. The presence of craftsmen is justified by the nature of the job involved.

The job and cost control is part of maintenance deptt is justified by the fact that the section is responsible for scheduling work of maintenance and for keeping record of maintaining cost figures of all jobs. It makes possible the efficient utilization of the craftsmen.

The maintenance department is primarily a service department and as such is a part of the enterprise’s staff. Normally, the maintenance department is attached to the production function. The head of department operates under works manager.


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