Structure Chart

Structure chart is a chart derived from Data Flow Diagram. It represents the system in more detail than DFD. It breaks down the entire system into lowest functional modules, describes functions and sub-functions of each module of the system to a greater detail than DFD.

Structure chart represents hierarchical structure of modules. At each layer a specific task is performed.

Here are the symbols used in construction of structure charts –

  • Module – It represents process or subroutine or task. A control module branches to more than one sub-module. Library Modules are re-usable and invokable from any module.

3.1 SC_modules

  • Condition – It is represented by small diamond at the base of module. It depicts that control module can select any of sub-routine based on some condition.

3.2 SC_condition

  • Jump – An arrow is shown pointing inside the module to depict that the control will jump in the middle of the sub-module.

3.3 SC_module_jump

  • Loop – A curved arrow represents loop in the module. All sub-modules covered by loop repeat execution of module.

3.4 SC_loop

  • Data flow – A directed arrow with empty circle at the end represents data flow.

3.5 SC_dataflow

  • Control flow – A directed arrow with filled circle at the end represents control flow.

3.6 SC_controlflow

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