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Workface created customer-initiated engagement technology that helps companies market, sell and support their products and services on the internet. Combining profile technology with real-time, two-way communications like text/audio/video chat, Workface enables companies to engage with customers and prospects live.

Work zone

An optimal work zone is the area in which an employee can perform a specific task, or set of tasks, while maintaining a comfortable and neutral posture. Work performed in the optimal work zone is less likely to cause musculoskeletal problems, or injuries, than work that requires the employee to reach, or apply force, outside of this zone. The optimal work zone is sometimes referred to as the best work zone or preferred work zone.

An optimal work zone permits an employee to perform most of his or her job tasks while maintaining neutral posture. Each body part and muscle group should be considered when determining the optimal work zone for a task.

When standing or sitting, an optimal work zone is one which allows the employ to maintain the spine’s natural S-curve. Positions that require an employee to lean too far forward to reach a tool or twist to push a button are not optimal. Additionally, employees should not need to bend their neck or wrist awkwardly to perform job tasks. Items that are commonly used for a job, or task, should be placed in a neutral reach zone, the optimal work zone for the arms.

Ergonomically designed jobs that provide for performance of tasks within the optimal work zone increase productivity and comfort for employees while reducing musculoskeletal risk factors and injury.


Workspace enables real-time project intelligence to replace the time consuming, costly and inaccurate project reports that are typically outdated by the time they are produced.

To achieve more predictable outcomes and reliable forecasts, organizations are consolidating project data into smart, AI-ready platforms like Workspace capable of producing project intelligence that is automatically updating every minute of every day.

Staff less Organization

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