Web Hosting and Web Publishing

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service of providing online space for storage of web pages. These web pages are made available via World Wide Web. The companies which offer website hosting are known as Web hosts.

The servers on which web site is hosted remain switched on 24 x7. These servers are run by web hosting companies. Each server has its own IP address. Since IP addresses are difficult to remember therefore, webmaster points their domain name to the IP address of the server their website is stored on.

It is not possible to host your website on your local computer, to do so you would have to leave your computer on 24 hours a day. This is not practical and cheaper as well. This is where web hosting companies comes in.

Types of Hosting

The following table describes different types of hosting that can be availed as per the need:

S.N. Hosting Description
1. Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, the hosting company puts thousand of website on the same physical server. Each customer has their own allocation of physical web space and a set of bandwidth limit. As all websites share same physical memory, MYSQL server and Apache server, one website on the server experiencing high traffic load will affect performance of all websites on the server.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

It is also known as Virtual Dedicated Server. It is a server which is partitioned into smaller servers. In this customer is given their own partition, which is installed with its own operating system. Unlike shared hosting, VPS doesn’t share memory or processor time rather it allocates certain amount of memory and CPU to use which means that any problem on a VPS partition on the same drive will not affect other VPS customers.

3. Dedicated Server

In this kind of hosting, single dedicated server is setup for just one customer. It is commonly used by the businesses that need the power, control and security that a dedicated server offers.

4. Reseller Hosting

A reseller acts as a middle man and sells hosting space of someone else’s server.

5. Grid Hosting

Instead of utilizing one server, Grid Hosting spreads resources over a large number of servers. It is quite stable and flexible. The servers can be added or taken away from the grid without crashing the system.

Web Hosting Companies

Following are the several companies offering web hosting service:

S.N. Hosting Company
1. Blue Host
2. Go Daddy
3. Host Gator
4. just Host
5. Laughing Squid
6. Hivelocity
7. liquid Web
8. Media TempleServInt
9. Wired Tree
10. Wild West Domains
11. Wix
12. WIPL
13. Big Rock

Web Publishing

Website publishing is the process of uploading content on the internet. It includes:

  • Uploading files
  • Updating web pages
  • Posting blogs

Website is published by uploading files on the remote server which is provided by the hosting company.

Prerequisites for Website Publishing

In order to publish your site, you need the following things:

  • Web development software
  • Internet Connection
  • Web Server

Web development software

It is used for building web pages for your web site. Dreamweaver and WordPress are example of web development softwares.

Internet Connection

Internet connection is required to connect to a remotely located web server.

Web Server

Web server is the actual location where your website resides on. A web server may host single or multiple sites depending on what hosting service you have paid for.

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