Challenges of organizational behavior

  1. Understanding Global Organisational Behaviour: Globalization reflects business orientation based on the belief that the world is becoming more homogeneous and that distinctions between national markets are not only fading, but, for some products will eventually disappear. International firms have found it necessary to institute formal global strategic planning to provide a means for top management to identify opportunities and threats from all over the world, formulate strategies to handle them and stipulate how to finance the strategies of these implementation. Keeping these changes in mind the challenges are to understand global Organisational Behaviour.

The issues include:

  • The creation of a global village
  • Work force diversity
  • Improving quality and productivity to match global standards
  • Improving people skills
  • Moving towards employee empowerment
  • Improving ethical Behaviour
  • Multiculturalism and diversity.
  1. Working with people from different cultures: To work effectively with people from different cultures, you need to understand how their culture and religion have shaped them and how they will respond to particular styles in management. What motivates people from one culture may not be appealing for people form another culture and this makes the work of a manager more challenging.
  2. Movement of jobs to countries with low cost labor: In a global economy, jobs tend to flow to places where lower costs of labor provide business firms with a comparative advantage. Jobs are moving from U.S.A and U.K and other developed countries to developing countries like India and China. This is a threat to managers from developed counties while it is an opportunity for developing countries especially like India for we have a talented people with good knowledge of the English language.
  3. Workforce Diversity: While globalization focuses on differences between people from different countries, workforce diversity addresses differences among people within a given country. Workforce diversity means that organisations are becoming more heterogeneous in terms of gender, age race etc.

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