Team Process

Team process is a term that reflects the different types of activities and interactions that occur within teams and contribute to their ultimate end goals.

Process gain is getting more from the team than you would expect according to the capabilities of its individual members.

Process loss is getting less from the team than you would expect based on the capabilities of its individual members

Process Loss

Coordination loss consumes time and energy that could otherwise be devoted to task activity.

Production blocking occurs when members have to wait on one another before they can do their part of the team task.

Motivational loss is the loss in team productivity that occurs when team members do not work as hard as they could.

Social loafing happens when members exert less effort when working on team tasks than they would if they worked alone on those same tasks.

Task work Processes Made in interacting groups where members meet face-to-face and rely on verbal and nonverbal communication.

When teams engage in creative behavior, their activities are focused on generating novel and useful ideas and solutions. Brainstorming involves a face-to-face meeting of team members in which each offers as many ideas as possible about some focal problem or issue. Nominal group technique is similar to a traditional brainstorming session, but it makes people write down ideas on their own, thereby decreasing social loafing and production blocking.

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