Interpersonal Communication

Inter-personal communication is a type of communication occurring within the mind of a person. On average half or more of the working time of an organisation is spent in inter-personal communication. Inter-personal communication is nothing but it’s a face to face communication. It is a very easy and convenient type of communication. In inter-personal communication one can easily get feedback from another person.

In inter-personal communication immediate clarifications will be possible. One of the merit of inter-personal communication is it’s a less costly. It occurs in business organizations, family, friend’s etc. one should improve his inter-personal skills through knowledge and practice. Inter-personal communication includes sending of messages, direct interactions, discussions etc. The success of inter-personal communication depends on how the receiver interprets and understands the message sent by the sender.

Inter-personal communication is not only through words of mouth, it can be through gestures, postures, signs, expressions. For example 2 persons shaking hands is an inter-personal communication. In inter-personal communication if you speak or tell something to another, those words you cannot take back again. So it is irreversible.

Principles of Inter-Personal communication


In day to day life all human beings communicate each other. So they exchange or pass their views from one person to another. When we communicate we communicate personally and officially.  Communication may be through words of mouth, expressions, gestures, postures etc. so for every human being communication is very important in day today life. Communication is inescapable one. Without communication it’s very difficult to survive in this modern world. In this modern world effective and good communication skills are very important in all the fields. So every person would like to share and wants to get knowledge by interacting with other peoples.


We all communicate in our day to life. We communicate about our personal matters, business matters, family matters, problems etc. If we say something to another then those said words cannot be taken back that is communication is irreversible one. So when we say something bad then we can’t take that back. That’s why when we communicate we should properly think and we should be well knowledgeable. If we tell anything bad to someone it may create conflicts. So it’s irreversible.

Functions of interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication is very important in day today life. Whenever we engage in communication with another person, we seek to gain information about them. We also exchange or transfer lot of information’s through verbal and non-verbal means. Some of the important functions of inter-personal communication are:

1) Understanding:

An important function of the inter-personal communication is understanding the message. So whenever sender and the receiver communicates a particular message, that time understanding the message is very necessary. Otherwise communication will be waste. Message must be clearly understood by the receiver. There should be no doubts in the minds of the sender

2) Gaining Knowledge:

One of the important functions of inter-personal communication is gaining knowledge. That is exchange of information from one person to another and also understanding the message sent by others. So in inter-personal communication sender and receiver will communicate to get the necessary knowledge and to get efficient information’s.

3) Establishing Identity:

It is also one of the important function of inter-personal communication. We communicate with others to get the knowledge and also to share information. So we want to make an identity in the society. Communication is very important to make our self to be identified by others.

Advantages of Inter-personal communication

  • Inter-personal communication is less costly.
  • Inter-personal communication is easy to communicate.
  • In Inter-personal communication quick feedback can be possible.
  • In inter-personal communication there will be less conflicts.
  • In inter-personal communication there will be easy clarifications of any doubts

Disadvantages of inter-personal communication

  • Inter-personal communication is not suitable to solve problems effectively.
  • Inter-personal communication is not suitable for groups.

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