Responsibility of Team members

Role and Responsibilities of Individual Member

  • Team member is selected by the leader, sponsor, or quality council (or) is a member of a natural work team.
  • He should actively, participate in meetings and shares knowledge, expertise, ideas and information.
  • He should respect others’ contribution.
  • He should listen carefully and ask questions.
  • He should be enthusiastic.
  • He should work for consensus on decisions.
  • He should be committed to team objectives.
  • He should carry out assignments between meetings such as collecting data, observing processes, charting data and writing reports.

Role and Responsibilities of Team leader

A team leader is selected by the quality council, sponsor or the team itself.

  • Team leader ensures smooth and effective operations of the team.
  • He ensures that all members participate during the meetings and he prevents members from dominating the proceedings unnecessarily.
  • He serves as a mediator between the team and the Quality Council.
  • He implements the changes recommended by the team.
  • He prepares the agenda of all meetings and ensure necessary resources are available for the meeting.
  • Team leader ensures that team decisions are taken by consensus rather than unilaterally.

Role and Responsibilities of Facilitator

  • Facilitator is not a member of the team. Yet his role in the team is indispensable.
  • Facilitator supports the leader for facilitating the team during initial stages of the team.
  • He focuses on team process.
  • He acts as resource to the team
  • He provides feed back to the team concerning the effectiveness of the team process.

Role and Responsibilities of Team Recorder

  • Team recorder is selected by the team leader or by the team and may be rotated on a periodic basis.
  • He documents the main ideas of the team’s discussion.
  • He presents the documents for the team to review during the meeting and distribute them as ‘minutes of the meeting ‘afterwards.
  • He participates as a team member.

Role and Responsibilities of Time keeper

  • Time keeper is selected by the leader or by the team and may be rotated on a periodic basis.
  • He monitors the time to maintain the schedule as per agenda.
  • He participates as a team member.

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