Managing Customer communications

Customer Communications Management (CCM) is software that enables companies to manage customer communications across a wide range of media. Originally, customer communications referred to printed documents, archived digital documents, email and web pages. It has grown to include SMS/MMS, in-app notifications, responsive design mobile experiences and messages over common social media platforms. It entails an automated process that involves not only the delivery of communication but also the segmentation of messages according to different customer profiles and contexts.

CCM software allows organizations to deploy a new approach to information exchange thereby improving their ability to maintain relationships with customers and other stakeholders. By using the software, messages disseminated are no longer generic but tailored according to customers’ needs and specific platforms (Web, email, SMS, print) and devices (mobile, laptop, tablet, PC). For instance, if a customer interacts with an organization, the data or push messages provided cover not only the needed information but the entire context of the interaction which includes customer profile (e.g. lifestyle and life-stage needs), history of online activity, and personal preferences. This process involves the utilization of high-volume data collected offline and online.

Owing to the nature of CCMs, they are also referred to as “Intelligent Customer Communications Management” systems.


The technology that supports customer communications management also allows sophistication in the content of the messages. Customer communications management technology usually includes or integrates with the following components:

  • Data Extraction, Transform & Load software
  • Data Management, Analysis and Location Intelligence software
  • Data Hygiene database software
  • Document composition software
  • Electronic document archive software and perhaps payment processing functionality
  • Print Stream Engineering / Post Processing Software
  • Mailing compliance database software
  • Printer Management Software
  • High and medium volume production printers
  • Envelope inserter machines
  • Email Marketing Software
  • SMS Communication Software
  • Mobile Media based content distribution software
  • Entering the frame more recently social media distribution software
  • Document Production Reporting Software
  • Portal Technology
  • Transpromotional Application software
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Journey Orchestration

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