Roll out and System Hand-off Support

  1. This is the final implementation phase
  2. The final phase is both a delicate and huge task. If anything goes wrong it could mean disaster.
  3. Normally, the process takes one or two days, and usually occurs on a weekend so there is no or at least, minimal disruption of the actual workweek.
  4. If it extends beyond the weekend or can’t be done on the weekend, alternate arrangement is planned and executed so that the disruption remains minimal.
  5. The other important significant part of the rollout is remote user and satellite office preparation.
  6. Each remote user is given a copy of the general database installed on their desktop or laptop.
  7. The initial problem is not part of the CRM system, but is rather the interaction between the system and the network.
  8. One place that normally has some problems though they are mostly mechanical is that data synchronization with remote users.
  9. The synchronization up doesn’t always run smoothly in the first few moments of the production environment, but when products have good data synchronization engines, these problems get solved very quickly.

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