Using Queries through Case Study

Let’s explore how queries can be used in a case study scenario of managing a bookstore inventory. In this case study, we’ll consider a simple database with three tables: Books, Authors, and Publishers. We’ll use queries to perform various tasks related to managing the inventory.


  1. Books:
    • BookID (Primary Key)
    • Title
    • AuthorID (Foreign Key)
    • PublisherID (Foreign Key)
    • Genre
    • Price
    • Quantity
  2. Authors:
    • AuthorID (Primary Key)
    • Name
    • Birthdate
  3. Publishers:
    • PublisherID (Primary Key)
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone

Tasks to Perform using Queries:

  1. List all Books in the Inventory:
  • We’ll start by creating a simple query to list all the books available in the inventory along with their title, author name, publisher name, genre, price, and quantity.
  1. Find Books by Specific Author:
  • We want to find all books written by a specific author. This query will allow us to enter the author’s name and retrieve a list of books by that author.
  1. List Books with Low Stock:
  • We’ll create a query to find books that have a low stock quantity (e.g., less than 10) so that we can order more copies.
  1. Calculate Total Inventory Value:
  • We’ll create a query to calculate the total value of the bookstore’s inventory. This involves multiplying the quantity of each book by its price and then summing up the values.
  1. Update Book Price:
  • If the price of a book changes, we need to update the database. We’ll use a query to update the price of a specific book based on its BookID.
  1. Add New Book to Inventory:
  • When a new book is added to the bookstore, we’ll create a query to insert the book’s details (title, author, publisher, genre, price, and quantity) into the Books table.
  1. Delete Out-of-Stock Books:
  • We need to remove books with zero quantity from the inventory. We’ll use a query to delete records from the Books table where the quantity is 0.
  1. Calculate Total Sales for a Given Period:
  • We can calculate the total sales for a specific period by multiplying the quantity sold of each book by its price and summing up the values. We’ll create a query to achieve this.
  1. Find Books Published by a Specific Publisher:
  • We’ll create a query to find all books published by a specific publisher. This query will allow us to enter the publisher’s name and retrieve a list of books published by them.

These are just a few examples of how queries can be used to manage a bookstore inventory. In a real-world scenario, there could be many more tasks and queries involved in efficiently managing the bookstore’s operations and data. Microsoft Access provides a user-friendly interface to design and execute these queries, making it a powerful tool for database management in various industries.

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