Factors Affecting Creativity

Creativity is something which cannot be taught as well as not something you are born with either. But it certainly is the most important part of any brilliant innovators success. When talking about creativity the conversation can’t be constrained to artists like musicians, dancers, painters, etc. It is a broader term under which multiple segments flow and it includes everyone from a school student trying to embellish his school project to an entrepreneur with his budding brilliant idea. But why some turn out to be amazing while some fail? Well there are several factors that influence one’s creativity, have a look at them and find out why you are so creative or why you are not. It also includes the reason why one’s creativity levels fluctuate.

  • Experiences: Experiences are a key player in creative thinking, the more you experience more influenced you get. These experiences define your ideas and creativity which are presented through your work.
  • Fearlessness: Fearlessness is a major factor having impact on one’s creativity. A person who thinks that he is not creative can never be. Having doubts is ok, but being worried about the success of an idea clearly shows that you lack faith in your ideology. Experts say ‘Be fearless with your creativity and you’ll open more doors for new ideas.’
  • Desire: Desire is factor of creativity which is often overlooked but it is as vital as any other criterion for growing as a creative individual. Science bluntly states that, if you simply don’t want to change things (or solve problems or inspire others or do new things) then you won’t.
  • Atmosphere and Environment: Yes! It all about the world around us. Atmosphere and environment both go hand in hand to influence an individual’s creativity levels. ‘Environmental Factors Affecting Creativity and Innovation’ says: Although innovation and creativity can emerge in a variety of settings and situations, some environments are more conducive to the creative process. In one large study, it was found that having a vision, being task-oriented, and engaging in external communication had a strong relationship to creativity and innovation.
  • Space and Time: Productivity may increase under pressure but creativity has no positive influence if the undisturbed space and right amount of time is not provided. John Cleese’s talk on creativity states: That having a start and end time to keep your creative space open is essential. Without a dedicated time block, it is easy to leave a creative mindset to focus on trivial matters that are easier to deal with than to take the time to do things that are important. It also takes time to get into your creative mode.He says that you must realize that it will take time to achieve something truly original and creative. There is a sense of discomfort.

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