Concept of stretch, Leverage and Fit

To achieve Strategic Intent – you need to Stretch. As of today there is a misfit between resources and aspirations. So instead of looking at resources, you will look at resourcefulness. To achieve you will stretch and make innovative use of your resources.

This leads to Leveraging your resources. Leverage refers to concentrating your resources to your strategic intent, accumulating learning, experiences and competencies, in a manner that a scarce resource base can be stretched to meet the aspirations that an organizational resources to its environment.

The strategic fit is the traditional way of looking at strategy. Using techniques such as SWOT analysis, which are used to assess organizational capabilities and environmental opportunities, Strategy is taken as a compromise between what the environment has got to offer in terms of opportunities and the counteroffer that the organization makes in the form of its capabilities.

Under fit, the strategic intent is conservative and seems to be more realistic, but you may not be aware of the potential; under stretch and leverage it could be improbable, even idealistic, but then you look at something far beyond present possibilities and look at the potential possibilities.

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