Retail HRM

Human Resource Management(HRM) is extremely important in Retailing. Because a retail store is a combination of merchandise and service. The product and service is delivered through the human interface between the store employees and customer. 

Human Resource Management is the effective use of human resource in order to enhance organizational performance.

Human Resource Environment of Retailing

The Retailers face a special human resource environment characterized by:

  1. Large number of inexperienced workers – Due to the need of large retail labor force, Low wages paid for positions often means hiring those with little or no prior experience.  2. Long working hours – Retail shops have longer working hours since most customers want to shop during evenings and weekends. 

    3. Part Time Employees – Due to their long working hours, retailer regularly hire part-time employees.

    4. Highly visible employees – Retailing employees are highly visible because they directly interact to the customer thus special care is taken with regard to their manners and appearance.

    5. Variability in the customer demand – Demands of customers varies by per day, time period, or season.

    These factors make the hiring , staffing, and supervision of the employees a complex process.

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