Understanding & Developing the Objectives of Training

The objectives of training and development are not limited to just increasing productivity and efficiency, but the busy market and ceaselessly active competition of today, demands much more than that from organizations. It’s all thanks to the conditions that a company faces and the race of “growth” that has made the addition of new skills and improvement of the existing skill-set, which is an extremely important aspect of a business.

Main Objectives of Training and Development

Below are the 7 main objectives of training and development that must be in your mind as business, especially HR student.

  1. Increased Productivity
  2. Quality Improvement
  3. Learning time Reduction
  4. Safety First
  5. Labour Turnover Reduction
  6. Keeping yourself Updated with Technology
  7. Effective Management
  1. Increased Productivity

For any company, keeping the productivity at its peak is as important as getting in new customers for business. Since even a slightest of the disturbance can take the business to the brink of huge losses. Moreover, to tackle with the immensely growing competition in the target market, it is important for one to increase the productivity of its workers while reducing the cost of production of the products.  So, that’s where the training comes as a savior of the company, jumps in the scenario and takes it out of the dangers bravely.

Training takes the current capabilities of the workers of a brand, polishes it and makes them learn and devise new and effective methods of doing the same thing, in a repeated manner. In other words, the training, if done in a proper way, can give your business a whole new look with a much powerful base as experienced workers at its core.

  1. Quality Improvement

Improving the quality of the product is obviously one of the main objectives of training and development since it’s not like those times when customers weren’t such quality conscious. Today’s customer knows what’s better for him and what’s not. Simply said, those old methods of some sweet talk and business won’t work for much long, because once they know the reality behind the curtains through the services and products quality, they will leave the company as it is without giving it, even, a second thought.

Just think of it as if you and your competitor are competing for the same service with some difference in quality but at the same price, it is obvious that they will choose the one who is better at handling the task without any quality degradation. Even if your price is a little higher, then it is most likely the case that most of the customers will come to you.

  1. Learning time Reduction

Keeping an eye on the learning capabilities of employees, and providing them the help which they need, can be highly beneficial in longer runs. This capability of theirs’ is what that determines how quickly an employee grabs the newly discovered fact and so, shape the future products on this discovery. The weaker the capability, the harder it is to learn. But this scenario can also be supported by the usage of proper learning material and experienced instructors who prefer real-life experience than cramming. So, reducing the learning time is also one of the main objectives of training and development.

  1. Safety First

Safety of anyone, either he is a worker, an officer or even a customer, is not something that can be taken lightly, especially in cases, where one knows that even a minute mistake can even lead to life threats. Therefore, providing the knowledge, for using the equipment in a proper way and creating the life-friendly product, also belongs to one of the major objectives of training and development. The higher, the employees are better at handling equipment, the better it is both for the company and for the workers.

  1. Labor turnover Reduction

No business can flourish well while it is regularly turning over its workforce since it is obvious that every new workforce will require some time to understand the type of work, its principle and safety precautions, which lead to decreased productivity. Moreover, it also diminishes the feeling of self-confidence among the workers, and this really isn’t a good thing.

On the contrary, training ensures that the company doesn’t need to turn over its workforce again and again because it prepares the employees to face any situation which proves helpful in bringing in the feeling of workers. Therefore, the workforce feels safe and secure at a particular job.

  1. Keeping oneself Updated with Technology

 Computers and mobile phones are the miracles of the past but the world of today is far more advanced than that. It’s time for latest technologies capable of connecting the world in just a blink of an eye. Now, earthlings are trying to reach far off planets to get information about the life force present there. Newer technologies are rolling in and we could continue to list it down but we haven’t got time for that.

Training and education to the employees keep them updated with the latest of the additions to the technologies, methods, techniques and processes. Since it also opens a new gateway for them to look for a way which is greater in productivity and efficiency but decreases the need of manual work immensely.

For example, spraying of pesticides and herbicides to keep the crop healthy and safe from invaders with the help of a hand pump is a lot more tiresome work than it would be with the help of a semi-automated machinery. But how can workers know that such a type of machinery is available in a market, which cuts the time needed in the matter of hours instead of days, without any update on what’s going on around the globe?

  1. Effective Management

One of the primary objectives of training and development process is to give rise to a new and improved management which is capable of handling the planning and control without any serious problem. With the knowledge and experience gathered through training, acting as the guiding light for this newly shaped management, it lets them handle the tough decisions and confusing realities thus opening the way for bigger and better opportunities for business for the cause of the brand.

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