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Negotiable Instruments (NI) Act 1881: Presentment of NI

A bill of exchange payable after sight must, if no time or place is specified therein for presentment, be presented to the drawee thereof for acceptance, if he can, after reasonable search, be found, by a person entitled to demand acceptance, within a reasonable time after it is drawn, and in business hours on a business day. In default of such presentment, no party thereto is liable thereon to the person making such default. If the drawee cannot, after reasonable search, be found, the bill is dishonored.

If the bill is directed to drawee at a particular place, it must be presented at that place, and if at the due- date for presentment he cannot, after reasonable search, be found thereon, the bill is dishonored.

When authorized by agreement or usage, a presentment through the post office by means of a registered letter is sufficient.

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