Depository and Non-Depository Institutions

Don’t confuse by the words deposit and non-deposit. The words itself tell more about it.

Depository institution

Institution that collect money from people and pay interest. You may can deposit your cash and withdraw it anytime. If you put longer they pay interest. Interest may be fixed or variable. On other words, from that institution you can send your money to other people, can get credit or debit card to withdraw or shopping. They gave you loans. Such institution are:

Commercial bank, Saving institution, credit union and so on.

In last remember that those who pay you interest, give loan facilities, business transaction and collect your money they are Depository. They have 3 types of account for people who want to deposit their money.

1. Current account

2. Saving Account

3. Fixed

Non Depository institution

Where you cannot put your money and withdraw it. You would not get interest. They are intermediary between borrowers and saver. They are:

Mutual funds: where you buy scheme in units. It like investment. Then they pay you bonus and even you can sales it on market. Don’t confuse mutual funds collect money from public invest it on market and share their profit.

Insurance companies: they insure your belongingness. They pay when your things goes beyond the normal level. Like. Car theft, goods damage.

Pension fund:

Security firms: investment companies ,broker house.

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