Deductions from total Gross total Incomes for companies

Company assessees are entitled to claim following deductions u/s 80 out of gross total income

  • Deduction u/s 80G for donations
  • Deduction u/s 8OGGA for certain payments
  • Deduction u/s 8OGGB for donation to political parties
  • Profits from new infrastructure undertakings u/s 801A
  • Profits from developing of Special Economic Zones u/s 8OIAB
  • Profits from new Industrial undertaking u/s 801B
  • Deduction for setting up undertakings in special states u/s 801C
  • Business of Hotels and convention Centres oat special area [Sec.80-ID]
  • Deduction to certain undertakings set-up in North Eastern States [Sec. 80-TE]
  • Profits from processing of bio-degradable waste u/s 8OJJA
  • Deduction in respect of employment of new workers u/s 8OJJAA
  • Deduction for income of offshore funds u/s 8OLA

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