The Future Direction of Industrial Relations

The future of industrial relation in India can be reviewed from reports of the commissions constituted by the government for this purpose. From these certain issues are emerging which are posing challenges to the three actors in the system.

  1. The first is the issue of strengthening collective bargaining by trying to determine a sole bargaining agent for negotiations. The state of Maharashtra has already passed a law for the creation of a sole bargaining agency in every unit and industry. Collective bargaining is advocated where the parties involves have a fuller understanding. This will help to arrive at a speedier settlement of dispute, between them.
  2. The second issue relates to the gaps that are occurring as a result of the various that occur in central and state legislations as far as labour matters are concerned. In India, labour fall under the concerned. In India, labour fall under the concurrent list though NCL has made a recommendation for forming a common labour code which is yet to be adopted. Adoption of this recommendation will go a long way in solving some of the problems that indias legislation process is facing.
  3. Another issue is that of workers participation in management. India has already experienced the working of many forms of workers-participation schemes but none of them seems to have made any headway. The reasons for the failure of these schemes need to be probed into.

The three actors in the system need to take into account the effect of their actions on the consumer s and society in general, owing to the growing inter-linkages between industry and its environment.

They have to evaluate and decide on the appropriate alternatives in terms of the strategy they are going to adopt in managing the personnel and industrial relations functions. The environment is fast changing and the pressure from various groups involves are starting to get more vocal and intense.

The strategy chosen for the attainment of the goals will have to depend on the objectives, values structures available and the environment in which they have to operate.

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